Chooks Chicken Farm

Before you take your chickens home, it is important you
already have your hen house ready for when they arrive.
They will need: Hen house - Bedding - Water Feeder -

You can collect lots of other useful things later on and
further information can be found on various websites

Taking your birds home:

You will need a cardboard box to take your bird's home.
Make sure there are plenty of air holes in the box with
suitable bedding for your birds to feel secure and safe.
Don't be tempted to keep looking at them on the journey
home, as this could be dangerous as they are likely to
escape whilst you are driving. Try not to leave them in
the car for too long especially if it's hot.

Putting your birds in their new home.

If you are putting our new birds with an existing flock,
then try to put them in the roosting box at night whilst
all the birds are sleepy. This way your new birds will
be less likely to be picked on by the birds you
already have. Pecking order is usually
sorted out pretty quickly, so try not to
be too concerned whilst they all get to
know each other.


If you are looking for a good quality
products supplier we recommend The
Hungry Horse, Earlswood, Solihull, B94 5LS.
There you will find lovely people with a great
range of products, who stock everything you could
possibly need for your chickens needs.


Always ensure your birds have fresh clean water daily and plenty of it. Chickens become dehydrated extremely quickly, so never leave them without it.


We prefer to give our birds organic feed, but there are cheaper products available. Don't give your birds any meat products, but they do like kitchen scraps such as soft-boiled vegetables. A general rule is do not give them anything hard. Don't forget that chickens love to find their own treats such as bugs and worms.


It's essential!!! Birds are far less likely to become ill if their coops are kept really clean. COUNTRYWIDE stores sell an excellent range of sprays for red mite, louse powder and disinfecting liquids. Buy some! Prevention is so much better than cure!

At night

Lock your birds away at night. Mr fox is always on the prowl. If he gets access to your chickens he won't just kill one! It's not a pleasant sight to find you have lost all your birds in one night!


It is so rewarding to collect your own eggs. If dirty, wash and dry them before you store them. Don't forget to consider our beautiful blue leg bars. Not only are the birds attractive and good natured they lay eggs of a beautiful powder blue shade and are really very tasty. If that was not enough they are low in cholesterol too. They are our own particular favourite.