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The most common treatment for Mycroplasma that a
vet will prescribe is a broad spectrum antibiotic given
for 3-5 days. TYLAN or BAYTRIL are the most common.

It is necessary to start treating them as soon as you
notice a problem to have a good chance of pulling
them through.

TYLAN 200 is an injectable form and BAYTRIL can
be purchased as a soluble solution to put in drinking

Remember it is possible to get a prescription from a
vet and then buy on line, otherwise you can be hit
with consultation fees. Sometimes your agricultural
feed supplier will sell it for less.

But usually vets are very helpful and are sometimes prepared to split medication stock up into more affordable solutions for you.

Causes respiratory problems - coughing and sneezing , nasal discharge and runny bubbly eyes in poultry.

There are various form of Mycoplasma, all are opportunist organisms that multiply when the bird is struck with another malaise like infectious bronchitis or have a stress trigger.

In most circumstances the infection in poultry is aggravated by respiratory problems and is commonly called chronic respiratory disease or CRD.

The stress trigger can be small, such as moving birds to different housing or adding new birds, a change in diet, mites, or even a sudden change in weather.

Some birds unfortunately die, some birds are only carriers and some birds are sick and recover, but repeatedly have bouts of illness (not normally as bad as the first time though)

As it can be carried by wild birds, it is a problem with birds that are allowed to free range as they can come into contact with it very easily.

A blood test can be done at your vets and samples are sent to a poultry laboratory for analysis.

The whole flock can appear to be well, but if you get some new birds in, or introduce some youngsters, they can become ill because it is carried by your flock.

But as mentioned, stress is the biggest trigger.