Chooks Chicken Farm

Runny Poop!

New chicken keepers who suddenly discover that their chicken has runny poop, assume that this is not normal
and that their chicken must be ill.

This is not usually the case.

This runny poop will smell pretty bad too, which only
goes further to conclude the chicken must be pretty

Most commonly, it is not.

So what is this runny poop and why is it happening?

Well, when a chicken is moved onto a new home, it can become a little stressed. This will cause the chickens ceca pouch (cecum, singular form) of which there are two, to kick into action.

The result will be cecal poop, or in more understandable terms, poop that looks like diarrhea., which tends to be a little yellow in colour and smelling pretty bad!

Another possible reason for your chicken producing ceca poop is probably due to the fact it has digested something that it cannot digest in its stomach the normal way.

Hard to digest substances such as woody, fibrous or tough bits of food that a chicken ingests.

The food moves into the ceca pouch and the food kind of marinates here, this way the chicken is able to extract as much of the nutrients as it possibly can.

This is why it smells so bad by the time you get to see the actual poop.

A chicken can produce cecal poop after approximately every 8 to 10 poops.

It may not be pleasant viewing, but take a look below at all the different types of poop a chicken can produce, it may just help alleviate your fears that your chicken is not well. (Click to enlarge)