Chooks Chicken Farm

Beechwood Blue • £18.50
A very docile heavy bird. Her
lovely smokey plumage makes
her an increasingly popular
choice for small scale poultry keepers.
She will lay 200 - 240 brown
eggs per year.

Calder Ranger • £18.50
Good temperament and ideal
for free range or deep litter systems.
Very hardy, excellent and
reliable layer and will produce
up to 300 eggs per year.

Commercial Brown • £18.50
We usually have a variety of
quality brown hybrid pullets available.
These can be Isa Brown,
Warren, Goldline, Hyline or Lohmann Brown.
They are easily managed and docile and will reliably lay up to 300 eggs per year.

Copper Black Maran (Pure Breed) • £30
Head and hackle have a
golden edging and the rest of
the bird is black with some
reddish brown on the breast.
This hen lays approximately 160
to 210 eggs a year.
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Copper Black Maran (Hybrid) • £25.50
As with the pure breeds, head and hackle have golden edging and the rest of the bird is black with reddish brown on the breast.
Grey legs also help identity this hybrid.
This hen lays approximately 180 to 230 eggs a year.

Cream Leg Bar (Pure Breed) • £30
Her feathers are a mixture of browns and greys and are a particular favourite on our farm. They lay a beautiful powder blue egg that is as tasteful as it is attractive in appearance. They will give you approximately 230 eggs in it's first year. More Info...

Crested Cream Leg Bar
(Hybrid) • £25.50

The eggs are of equal quality and colour of its pure breed version. They will lay approximately 230 eggs a year and are an economical alternative to the pure breed. Its feathers are a mixture of greys and browns and you will find this to be a particularly attractive hen.

Pied Ranger • £18.50
A Medium sized hen.
A popular bird for domestic situations laying 250 to 260
eggs per year.

Rhode Rock • £18.50
Hardy and docile hen, suitable
for all terrains and weather.
Good sized brown eggs with excellent shell quality.
Will lay between 260 and 280
eggs per year.

Speckledy • £18.50
Easy to look after , this lazy grey speckled hen is a popular breed that is known for laying a deep brown egg.
She should lay up to 250 eggs
per year.

Sussex Ranger • £18.50
Heavy weight bird.
Very attractive and docile.
Most suited to free range and
lays around 200 plus eggs per year.

White Star • £16
A small leg horn type bird with a large comb.
The white star is a prolific layer of beautiful pure white eggs and will lay up to 300 eggs per year.